What IS a Grass Plug?

What IS a Grass Plug?

Single Plugplug


1. An individually grown core of (Zenith Zoysia) grass with a 1" mature root base. 

In our case, plugs are cores of grass that are already established. The roots and blades are mature and ready to spread. Zoysia grass naturally expands and repairs thanks to it's rhizomes and stolons. These are often termed “runners” and look like vines coming off of the plug. They attach themselves to the soil with their own roots and continue to spread. Yes... that's right. You can fill in a lawn overtime just by planting these 2" grass plugs!

In being pre-established, plugs allow you to water less frequently because the root systems already have at least a 1” head start over seed or even new sod whose roots are severed in the harvesting process.  

Watering isn't the only upside though. Grass plugs also boast a much higher resistance to weed pressures. Seedlings may be choked out before they can grow, causing some of the seed you bought and sowed to go to waste. As long as your lawn is maintained at it's proper height, the Zoysia plugs will not succumb to weed pressure in the same way as seedlings do. 

We hope that this article has shed light on the positive aspects of what a plug is and how they are beneficial to establishing a beautiful lawn outside of your home or business. 

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