Spring Prep for Zones 5-8

Spring Prep for Zones 5-8

We know the signs - Tulips and crocuses bloom, birds sing, the sun sets later - Spring is here. As tempting as it is to jump right into fertilizing, mowing, etc, if you are in USDA zones 5-8, it is not time yet. 

Everyone thinks April has jokes, but March is really known for playing tricks on gardeners and lawn enthusiasts alike. When temperatures are still low at night, and there is still a chance of frost, you do not want to go to work on your Zoysia lawn.

We know that your lawn is an investment which is why we make it our mission to give you the proper tools and info to care for it year-round. Fertilizing during dormancy can promote dead growth. This makes the grass more susceptible to damage, can slow green-up and gives weeds a strong start. You do not want to begin applying fertilizer until green-up throughout the yard is evident. For many of us that is the middle to end of April but can be as delayed as May based on weather conditions. 

What you can do now is test your soil and create a plan of action for the growing season. Maybe this year you can plan to aerate or dethatch your lawn - have questions about that process? Check out this blog post! Have you been noticing winter weeds creeping in? Make it your mission to keep them at bay by treating them with a Weed & Feed product. You can apply a few times each year based on your zone. 

Wondering what to do as the Fall creeps back up on us? Not to worry - We have already created a helpful guide for you which you can view here!

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