Product SpotLight: ProPlugger

Product SpotLight: ProPlugger

Across the Country it is beginning to warm up and gardeners are itching to put their gloves back on. It’s hard to stay out of flower beds and away from the mower at times like these. Now is the best time to plan and have we got a tool that’ll change your lawn game… the ProPlugger 5-IN-1!

The adaptable plates (2 inch or 4 inch - tool pulls 6 inch without) make planting and transplanting a variety of bulbs, flowers, ground cover plants & turf grass so easy. You can even use it to pull out weeds or take soil samples(link). 

plugger tool
bulb plug
It is seriously as easy as Step, twist, pull and you’re ready to plant!

All of this is done from a comfortable standing position. It is so convenient you can create 100’s of holes per hour. The ProPlugger really makes for a low-impact gardening experience - your knees and back will thank you! 

We’re proud to offer this USA Made product USA flag

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