Let's Talk About Spread Rate

Let's Talk About Spread Rate

"How quickly does Zoysia grass spread?"
"How long will it take to fill in my yard?"
"If I buy more plugs for a small area will it establish quicker?" 


We get these three questions a lot, so much so that we decided to make a blog post about it!

The biggest factor in determining the speed at which your Zenith Zoysia plugs will establish and spread is your area's climate.  When planted at our recommended density of 1 plug per square foot, it typically takes about a year to fully establish in the transition zone, shorter if you are further south. 

Another key factor in spread rate is the time of year. The warm weather and longer days that Spring and Summer bring make for a great start. The later into the Summer/Fall that the plugs are planted the less they will grow prior to dormancy. Some States are not as affected by colder temps as we are in Zone 7. If you have a similar climate to ours or plant late in the year you can expect to wait up to two years for total fill in. 

Don’t be discouraged if your Zoysia plugs take a while to spread. Remember that once established, your densely grown lawn will limit weed growth and need less regular maintenance than other grass varieties.
Want to help your lawn thrive? Here  are some tips:

Zoysia likes slow-release nitrogen based fertilizers. The best time to apply in most areas is May-September. When applied correctly the nitrogen content will encourage a deep root system and healthy stolons. 

Zoysia grass likes a full sun environment, 6-8 hours or more each day. Remember to trim back trees and bushes that are shading the lawn. Collect leaf and stick debris in the fall. Don’t let your current grass grow tall and overshadow the new plugs. 

Mow, mow, mow! Zoysia does best when maintained at a height of about 1 ½ - 2 inches. When the plugs are kept low they can focus more energy on outward growth rather than upward growth. Be sure not to scalp the grass blades. Never take more than ⅓ of the blade off at a time. You may need to mow gradually at first. 

    Do you want a more immediate lawn?

    Use our Plug Calculator to determine how many plugs you would need for your area when placed at different intervals. Plugs spaced every 6 inches will fill in twice as quickly as the standard 1 plug per square foot. You can even place plugs as close as 3 inches apart.

    Check out our Slabs as a growing alternative! 

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