Lawn Mower Maintenance for Zoysia

Lawn Mower Maintenance for Zoysia

Zoysia’s more relaxed growing pace means you can spend less time on lawn maintenance. Most homeowners can go 10-14 days between mowings. Even with less frequent usage you lawn mower needs to be kept in good working order. Regular mower maintenance can prevent damage to your lawn and your equipment. 

Annual Maintenance Tips: 
Change the oil and oil filter 
Replace and clean the air filter
Sharpen the lawn mower blades
Balance the blades

    At the beginning of each season changing the oil and oil filter in your mower is vital. This can help improve the quality and life of your mower. 

    oil change

    Air filter maintenance also ensures your engine's health - a dirty filter can cause your engine to bog down and overheat. 

    No one wants to scalp their lawn, especially in the summer heat so it is important to know when to sharpen your mower blades. You can check quickly just by looking closely at your grass post-cut. If the tips of your grass look like they have been torn instead of cut, your blades are dull and need to be sharpened. If you accidentally run over yard debris such as sticks, rocks, etc. while mowing, you will want to check the blades.

    blade change

    Unbalanced blades have a direct impact on your lawn's health. While spinning, blades that are uneven can cause your cut to look uneven and may result in accidental scalping. An easy way to check for blade imbalances is to hang the blades on a nail on a wall post-sharpening, and if one blade swings down, that side is heavier and requires further sharpening to ensure balance. 

    Regular Maintenance Tip: Clean your mower!  Many homeowners are unaware of just how dirty your lawn mower really is. On top of the dirt and grime that comes with maintaining a healthy lawn it also picks up residual weeds, seed heads, etc. Unfortunately it is easy to spread unwanted weeds throughout your lawn using a dirty mower. A quick rinse after using is the best deterrent. Your lawn is an investment and your tools are an extension of that investment.
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