Is Zoysia for Me?

Is Zoysia for Me?

Zoysia grass + My Yard...? What to consider: 

Did you know that temperature is one of the biggest factors in how well grass can grow? Cool season grasses like Fescue or Bluegrass do well in cooler parts of the country, performing best when temperatures are around 65-85°. They’ll grow when it’s hotter, but not as fast, and will need regular watering. Head South, and grasses like Bermuda and St. Augustine, which love long, hot summers and mild winters, are the traditional picks.

Then there is the middle part of the country, where it’s sometimes cold enough to snow and summers can be warm but not scorching. This is what’s called the transition zone. The transition zone stretches roughly across the middle of the U.S. and is the most challenging part of the country to live in when it comes to having a lawn. Before the introduction of Zoysiagrass finding a well-adapted grass could be challenging. Zoysia in general has proven to be a solid transition zone performer, and Zenith has been bred to be the cream of the crop.

Zenith Zoysia is a warm season grass that thrives in heat and requires ¾ less water than your cool season grasses. This can cut your watering bill in half! It is also mowed substantially less than any other grasses because of its slower vertical growth so you cut it once every 10-14 days (sometimes closer to 3 weeks) compared to once a week or more often with your other varieties. It grows very thick, choking out unwanted weeds lessening the need for additional chemicals once established. It heals itself and can fill in open spots when it is damaged. It thrives in full sun.

zoysia up close

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