Identifying and Treating Weeds

Identifying and Treating Weeds

Tired of winter weeds creeping in on your dormant Zoysia? What about weeds that pop up in between plugs? In this article we’ll go over Zoysia safe weed treatments on the market today.

Depending on what area you live in you may have a variety of grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds or both. Many yards see grassy weeds like Broomsedge or Poa Annua (Annual Bluegrass) and broadleaf weeds like Broadleaf Plantain or Chickweed.

poa annua
Poa Annua

One of the most common grassy weeds is Poa Annua, or Annual Bluegrass. Poa Annua grows in tall bunches during the Spring. It produces seed heads and greenish yellow flowers. Poa Annua is a fine textured weed. It grows rapidly and spreads easily thanks to its seed heads. It can grow in any texture of soil and is both shade tolerant and drought tolerant.

Mature Broomsedge

Another grassy weed to look out for is Broomsedge. Broomsedge is a medium to thick texture grassy weed that grows very tall! It appears in the late Spring/Summer. When actively growing Broomsedge in green but as it matures it becomes a reddish-brown and the blades dry. Broomsedge grows in fine to medium texture soil and is drought tolerant.


Chickweed, a broadleaf weed, shows up in the Spring. It is characterized by its low outward growth similar to crabgrass. It has tiny star-shaped white flowers and hairy leaves. Chickweed prefers warmer temperatures and wet soil. It does not handle drought well.

broadleaf plantain
Broadleaf Plantain

If you are thinking of broadleaf weeds chances are you can imagine the invasive Broadleaf Plantain. This weed grows in the late Spring/Summer. It is easy to spot thanks to the rosette leaf pattern. As it matures the smooth oval green leaves turn dark and fuzzy. It grows leafless flower-stalks from its center. The Broadleaf Plantain can grow in nutrient rich or nutrient poor soil. It is both drought and shade tolerant.

One of the best Zoysia safe weed treatments on the market today is the BioAdvanced 3-IN-1 Weed and Feed for Southern Lawns. This product targets common lawn weeds, both grassy and broadleaf as well as crabgrass. It is specifically formulated for safe use on warm season grasses like Zoysia. You can apply it in both the Spring and Fall for year round protection.

all in one southern

For more products and info visit Clemson Cooperative Extension: H&GIC Managing Weeds in Warm Season Lawns | Home & Garden Information Center

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