How To: Water Zoysia Plugs

How To: Water Zoysia Plugs


Yes, that's right... When your ZoysiaPlug order arrives you need to immediately remove the Zoysia trays from the boxes. Place the trays in an area that receives ample sunlight (we're talking 6 or more hours) and soak them thoroughly to ensure all of the plugs are moist to the touch from top to bottom. Do not let them dry out at any point! 

If you cannot plant within a day or two it is okay - The plugs can remain in the trays for several days as long as they receive enough water and 6 or more hours a day of direct sunlight.

sprinkler running on green lawn

 🗝 Key Tips for Watering After Installation: 
  • Water immediately after planting the plugs
  • DO NOT hand water! This includes by hose or watering can. 
  • USE A SPRINKLER to evenly apply water - place a bowl or other container in the area you are watering and make sure to collect 1” to 1.5”. This tends to take around an hour but can vary. 
  • Water every morning for the first two weeks. Before Noon is best. 
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