How to Fertilize Zoysia

How to Fertilize Zoysia

Fertilizing your zoysia plugs is a great way to ensure that they each grow to their full potential. Before you get started though, you should conduct a soil test on your lawn. This will give you greater insight to the health of your soil which feeds your lawn's roots, and what steps to take to improve the overall health of your lawn. Below are some tips you need to know before you start spreading fertilizer for zoysia.

What do the numbers on the bag mean?

The numbers on the bag represent the percentage of the materials in the mix. On the bag it will say 10-10-10 or another similar combination. These numbers are:

N: This is Nitrogen, and it promotes 
green leaf growth.
P: This is Phosphorus, and it promotes 
root strength and growth.
K: This is Potassium, and it promotes 
cell wall strength.


When is the best time to fertilize Zoysia?
The best time to fertilize your Zoysia lawn would be in late May to early June. You should also fertilize through July and August if your lawn needs it. Applying fertilizer too late into the fall can be very harmful to your Zoysia lawn by delaying the dormancy.

Fertilizer Schedule

How do I spread fertilizer? 
There are a two methods to spread your fertilizer. The first is a broadcast spreader, and the second is drop spreader. These are the best options because they provide a consistent pattern. You should never spread your fertilizer by hand. This can lead to uneven applications, and can be harmful to you. The fertilizer that you use will often have instructions on how to properly apply it to your lawn. Usually you use a drop spreader around the edges of your lawn for an even application, and finish off with a broadcast spreader in the middle of the lawn to cover more ground. 


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