Garden Beds vs. Spread

Garden Beds vs. Spread

We LOVE Zoysia grass and we know you do too... it's self-repairing nature, resiliency and drought tolerance are admirable qualities. The spread-rate is an attractive trait for so many homeowners but it can also cause an occasional issue. We won't pretend that Zoysia grass is perfect (even though it is) because it can sometimes invade our garden beds and walk ways. 

In this article we'll go over how to safely contain Zoysia grass - keeping it under control. 

stolon diagram


When we see stolons, above ground shoots with new blades, it is easy to trim them back with garden shears. But Zoysia also spreads under the soil via Rhizomes. These Rhizomes can travel several feet and pop up far from where they started.

lawn edging near tree

Due to the intense spreading nature of Zoysia the best approach is to install lawn edging to create a border between your gardens and paths and the lawn. Thick plastics or aluminum tends to work best as the Zoysia grass cannot penetrate it. Typically you'll want to place the edging as far as 6 inches down into the soil with about 1-2 inches left exposed above ground. 

There is also the option to use chemical control, especially non-selective herbicides but this can harm other flowers and shrubs. If you choose to go this route be sure to spot-treat as best as possible. Try protecting nearby plants by wrapping them in plastic prior to spraying or using cardboard as a barrier between the chemical and the plants. 

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