Built Different

Built Different

You take a lot of pride in your lawn. Here at ZoysiaPlug, we feel the same about our products...

From our individually grown grass plugs to field grown slabs - we want to produce the best available product. The standard practice to produce grass plugs is to take traditional sod and cut it into small pieces, causing unnecessary stress. Our growing approach for healthy plugs is different. They are nurtured from seed in the very same trays you receive! This extra care and innovation benefits you by delivering consistently dense, stress free plugs.

zoysia plug

ZoysiaPlug’s specialty growing methods aren’t the only key to success. Our production team uses top-of-the-line greenhouses to limit exposure time to different weeds, pests and unpredictable North Eastern weather patterns. We give your Zenith Zoysia plugs the proper head start they need to grow strong and full. The healthier the plant, the less time and money you will have to spend tending to it. This means that Zoysiaplug.com can supply you with products for a full and luscious lawn sooner, and more cost effective, than our competitors. 

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